It’s better than any paysite

Because we have lof of free stuff here to get used to HQTUBE first, and all the premium services you can try before you buy. You see what you would actually get, not just promises. Our premium offer have the best value for money ratio on the net. TERABYTES of high quality, daily updated content with instant comfortable navigation! You don’t need anything else for the rest of your life!

It’s better than video sharing or download networks

Because no need to wait for downloading movies, and keep big adult movie files on your hard disk. No need to wait hours or even minutes. No evidences in the browser cache. Watch what you want instantly from any PC, anytime, with zero risks. HQtube.com is always with you! And it’s 100% legal!

It’s better than other VOD (video-on-demand) sites and services

Because it’s not an expensive pay-per-minute access. And you can easily save movies that you like very much on your computer in True DVD Quality of 2Mbps Windows Media Video format.

It’s better than reqular adult DVD rental

Because with HQTube it’s like you have huge (several thousands of DVDs!) collection at home, and have instant, anonymous access to everything.

It’s better than any freesite or TGP (thumbnail gallery post)

Because you can instantly watch terabytes of full-length, daily updated and quality xxx movies at HQTube. Free sites simply can’t afford it! We burn thosands of terabytes of bandwidth daily from many high-end servers to satisfy our free and premium users.

It’s better than adult channel on your TV

Because at HQTube you choose when and what you want to see. You can pause, stop, rewind to any point of any movie with maximum delay time of just 1 second! Navigation experience is almost the same as you have video file playing from your hard disk!

It’s better than any other streaming video site

Because we have developed unique technology that gives better video quality on same bitrates, plus you can navigate to any point of multi-megabyte movie, back and forward, without waiting for buffering or preloading! This is very unique. You can’t find same quality level and navigation comfort anywhere else!

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